Sound healing is close to my heart​. Sound therapy offers a possibility to work with bodily pains and issues that bother you on a mental and/emotional level, and perhaps on things you would like to get some guidance and understanding on.
The sound healing sessions can act as tools for self-reflection, recovery, relaxation and stress relief.

When I first attended a sound bath and a drumming session, I got immediately excited about the vast world of gongs, singing bowls and other instruments. Sounds affect us physiologically, neurologically, and psychologically so depending on how different instruments are used,we can create either energizing or relaxing sensations in our body and mind.

The sounds of the instruments affect us deeply so they can bring different emotions and sensations to the surface.

The instruments used in sound healing affect brain waves so during the session there is an opportunity to sink into different levels of consciousness that resemble deep relaxation and meditation. During these sessions the emphasis is on the importance of conscious self-reflection, which can enhance overall health and well-being.